John T. Brennan & Associates is an Architectural Firm specializing in Commercial and Institutional projects. Our location in Salem New Hampshire gives us the opportunity to conveniently service New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

John established the firm in 1983; by 1986, the firm grew to 12 employees. In 1990 he had to significantly scale down the size of the firm to weather the momentous downward spiral in the construction market, which reached it's low during 1990.

Over the past five years, John has had a steady increase in business including the quality of clientele and projects. The aid of the computer, AutoCAD software and the Internet, permit him to work more efficiently and faster, providing his clients with a better overall product at a reasonable cost. John has extended his practice into the medical and educational fields, which allows him more flexibility in dealing with the ups and down of the construction market.

John's Philosophy

Architecture is an exciting field and I do not regret for one minute ever venturing into it. I see it growing substantially in the next decade. With the incorporation of the computer and an understanding that we all have to be more sensitive about our built environment, since the population is growing closer together than ever before. We need to understand how to work with this change and the growth it brings.

I believe that architecture is a direct response to that epithet that makes us human. People tend to delight in positive change. Understanding how to manipulate form and function to accommodate a positive human response is something I have studied for many years. My real client is the human brain. I have learned how to understand to a certain degree how the brain responds to the visual environment, and what is necessary to create a positive response through the manipulation of the built environment. I look foreword to this exciting endeavor.

I am actually starting to have "fun" again. After all, that is probably the most influential reason I ventured into this field.